Project "Braille Challenge"
About the Project!
The Project “Braille challenge” is an Erasmus+ project, Key Action 2, funded by the European commission.
Project implementation has officially started on 20.12.2020.
Main project objective is teaching the parents of visual impaired children, teachers, and non-formal educators from NGO sector the characteristics of visual impaired persons and methodology of learning Braille alphabet.
Specific project objectives:
Objective #1: Fostering quality improvements and excellence in education, through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders.
Objective #2: Fostering lifelong learning processes for teachers, parents and non-formal educators.
Objective #3: Fostering equality in learning, social and educational inclusion, modern and European values in formal and non-formal education.
Project beneficiaries are:
Teachers from mainstream schools;
Parents of children with visual impairment;
Non formal educators from NGO sector.
The project “Braille challenge” is implemented by the Consortium of 3 partners from 3 European countries:
Lifelong Learning Network, Republic of North Macedonia (coordinator)
Visually Impaired Education and Work Support International AISBL, Belgium (project partner)
Asociatia Babilon Travel, Romania (project partner)

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